About Us

Strength of Economics
We will work with our constituents and our communities to forge long-term partnerships that foster strength and stability and provide economic benefit.
Life Quality
We will ensure an ongoing quality of life with responsible stewardship of human, financial, and natural resources, with our eye on the sustainability of our purpose and our partnerships.

Openness and Transparency
We embrace an open process that encourages and values public participation and supports complete transparency in our work by communicating effectively with all interested and affected individuals and organizations.

We are committed to work as a team beyond organizational and geographic boundaries to achieve superior results by forming corporate and community alliances, not just marketing partnerships.


Be Accountable and Accessible
We will hold ourselves to the highest standards to responsibly manage public funds in our charge with good governance and management, while being accountable to our goals, each other and fiscally to all constituents.

Innovate and Lead
We are professionals, and as such we will exemplify leadership focused on our strength of purpose and direction, and strive to provide the highest impact for our constituents through innovative ideas and creative executions.
Demand Integrity and Mutual Respect
In all our actions as the Visit Los Osos/ Baywood Park Board and as individuals representing such, we will be governed by high ethical standards and integrity, both financially and professionally, with honesty and mutual respect as our guide in every activity between ourselves and all our partners.